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Pipe Dream:  A PowerApps Game

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A remake of the classic PC game featuring all-original artwork and 10 randomly-generated levels.



  • Score as many points as possible by making water travel through connected pipes.

How To Play

  • Click on the grid to place the next piece of pipe
  • Make the longest path of connected pipes you can
  • Water starts flowing out of the starting pipe 15 seconds after the level begins
  • The level ends when the water does not have any connected pipe to travel into or it reaches the finish pipe
  • If water has traveled through enough pipe you will advance to the next level
  • If the water did not travel through enough pipes you will lose a life
  • When there are no more lives the game is over








Programming - Matthew Devaney 

Artwork and Design - Marie Devaney




Great effort. A lot of work might have gone into the build up of this final product. Thanks

Good Luck @mdevaney 👍

Wow! amazing! 


I could've never imagine PowerApps can be used so creatively!




Great Job @mdevaney 

Nice and do you have instructions on how to accomplish this.


Never thought  a game in powerapps ?