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Are you a.... Disaster Chef?! A lightweight mobile app for keeping the culinary impaired on track

I set myself a 60 minute challenge, the result: Disaster Chef! But why this app? If I have to cook more than one thing in the kitchen then I usually buckle under the pressure - give me a Power Platform puzzle any day! When I started following recipes and needing to keep track of multiple elements at one time I looked at functions on my device but nothing had the punch I really wanted then I thought, "Power Apps can do this!" and thus was born DISASTER CHEF



  • Add items and their cooking times to a schedule (2)
  • Choose to set all timers off at once or trigger manually when convenient (3)
  • Timer turns RED when 30s are left on the clock (3)
  • On timer end a visual alarm icon appears; a loud 'awooga' is triggered for audio; the item is added to a list at the bottom of the Cooking Schedule (4)

This version of the app uses timers and collections so no data source connection is required.