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Coffee Flex - Get matched for a coffee break with a random colleague


Let's face it, people love coffee and staying in touch. The Coffee Flex Power App will create a random "coffee date" that matches you with a random employee in your organization. It's time to stay in contact with the whole company, not just the members of your immediate team. And this is why I've created this Power App.


How it works

As a user, you need to register yourself to be in the pool of "registered users". Once you're registered, you're eligible to search for a possible coffee match AND others can be matched with YOU.  It's as easy as clicking on a button. The app will then filter out registered users that are not eligible for a match. It will then present you with a matched user and will also suggest timeslots for an online meeting.

You can even see if the user is available on suggested timeslots. If not, just let it generate new timeslots for you.


Here's the link to the app:


How to vote

To vote for this app, feel free to click on the Kudos button at the bottom of the description





great idea!