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Dynamic Event Calendar

Need a simple way to display events, where the only ongoing requirement is to update event data source?


This app is an engaging way to display your company's events.  Providing a combination of an event list and a visual calendar, it is easy to see the month, day and day of the week for all listed events.




Using country and city data, from the Office365Users connector, the app defaults to display the events for the person using the app.


3 views allow your employees to see the events for a selected country or country/region (city) for a full year or a single month and allows a comparison of events for up to 4 selected locations.


A single input provides the event information.   The month visuals are generated dynamically using Galleries (featuring the wrap property), Sequence and Date functions and will show the date on the correct day of the week, while hiding any dates that are in a different month.


Take a look under the hood:




See the demo here:  






The YouTube demo is no longer available.