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How To Feed Your Dragon

I have to credit my 7 year old son for the inspirational ideas, theme and name of the game!



Link to extended GIF demo here:!AgVDDsrNKG0BjEe-eYMHrTT0dKDj?e=NfATOZ 


I am a qualified Civil Engineer with no IT qualifications and have been dabbling with Power Apps alongside the day job for less than a year. This started off last week as a bit of an experiment – my first go at a game as opposed to a bizapp and has developed into the app you see now.... with more to come!


The main features are:

  • 3 games in 1! 
  • 3 difficulty levels for each game
  • Animation
  • Background music and Sound effects
  • Leader board
  • Unique combinations created every time to keep players guessing!
  • No External Data source

The 3 games are as follows:


Challenge 1 ‘Veg Your Bets’ –  This involves trying to land Veg in the open barrels, before they are snatched away by the impatient Dragons. Miss the open barrel?....Watch out for the splat!



Challenge 2 ‘Total Recall’ – Players must take note of the Dragon’s Veg choice and memorise the locations on the board, before they are sneakily hidden by the Dragons. Once hidden, players select the squares on the grid until they reveal 5 matching Veg, giving the dragon’s one portion for each matching set of 5.



Challenge 3 ‘Take Five’ – Dragons like their Five a Day.. and some!.. This game is about speed and precision to strike off 5 matching Veg to the Dragon’s choice and maximise the number of portions for them before your time’s up.



I had a lot of fun building this and it has opened my eyes to how much more I can and will do in Power Apps going forward.


Hopefully you like the app – If so, I would really appreciate your Kudo and feedback. If that brings a chance to present the app in the final, it would be amazing – though failing that, I would be more than happy to receive any valuable feedback from the community.


Thanks and good luck all!



Wow, @AmDev your game looks awesome! Really want to know how you achieve this. Would you like to share your experiences with me?

I do a lot of game development in Power Apps, bringing Power Apps Game to the next level! 🙂

Hey @MichelleWongNL1, thank you so much for your feedback! - sounds pretty cool what you are doing with power apps. 


Would be more than happy to share details of the build. I have a few things I plan to add to the app in the coming weeks and I plan to create video thereafter to step through the build. I'll be sure to tag you once it's ready.

This is so cool @AmDev 

3 games in 1 with great UX!


Interesting game. Great what you can do on this platform with talent and perseverance.


Great work, AmDev. It's simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons.


Very well done Dev. Loved the images and graphics. Looking forward to connect with you to see how it was created.



Krishna Rachakonda


Great work @AmDev 

Very Impressive !!