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Kitty Run!

Kitty Run; a procedurally generated gesture controlled endless runner built in Power Apps.


See how long you can last!  You are a kitty running through a deceptively dangerous world of pitfalls, spikes, and angry birds!


My six year old daughter inspired me to take a break from bizapps to make a game.  Some mornings I find random cutesy games downloaded on my phone, kids are tech savvy nowadays.  So I took a look at the kind of games that she was playing and adapted the mechanics of the endless runner genre to Powerapps.  In a world of digital media I hoped that she could be inspired to not just consume but also create.


After I worked out the core mechanics, I consulted my daughter on asset selection, UI design, and play testing.  It works out great because kids are sooo honest.  A six year old will tell you right away if a game is too easy or "too glitchy."  Finally this is our product, Kitty Run!


You can play the game on the PC but really it's best suited for a phone or tablet.    On a phone you can swipe up to jump, which will feel a lot more intuitive with fingers than a mouse.    When you get the Power Boost, you can fly through obstacles using your gestures to control position. 



Avoid the obstacles while watching your life bar!  Dodge the enraged birds fly right at you, avoid the ground spikes by leaping onto floating platforms, and jump over perilous gorges.  You can get some reprieve with the random health-ups but if you're really lucky you can get the Super Kitty Power Boost where you can fly through the world collecting all the health-ups until your magic runs out!



This is an endless runner featuring a dynamically generated environment, so no two plays are exactly the same as the system randomizes a series of platforms of varying widths and heights including diagonal surfaces.  Features include:


  • Buttonless gesture controls of the player's character from swipe jumps to one to one control during flight.
  • Potentially endless level configurations with multi-level platforms, diagonal surfaces, and randomized platform length.
  • Full parallax scrolling
  • Pause and Reset buttons

View one life of Kitty Run here!

View Kitty Run mobile experience


I would appreciate any feedback, and if you like the game please upvote this with a Kudos.  I am a strong believer that imagination is the only limit in PowerApps!  I hope to see everyone in the finals!  Good luck to all app builders! 


Hey @PowerAppsGamer - Very impressive build. Love it!

Hello @PowerAppsGamer,


This looks so cool! Looking at this I feel building Mario and Sonic is possible.

Kittens! What more could you ask for? Killer game.

awesome game!!!