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PokéBubbles Game

Teaser PokéBubble gameTeaser PokéBubble game


I wrote this game for fun, to practices and for learning purpose. 

This is a game that I loved to play in my childhood. So I was trying to but a similar one into Power Apps. 

In total, I rewrote this app 4 times. And every time I try to build this app in a different way or use a different approach to get the best of it.

Now, I am happy to share this Pokébubble game app with you.  

How to play:
Try to match the lowest bubble stack with the correct button. Choose for PikaBubble or BulbaBubble. But be aware, you will have a certain amount of lives and also, try to clear the stacked bubbles as fast as you can. Maybe you can get into the High Scoreboard 😊

There are three different game modes:

Game Best of 5: You'll get 5 rounds, with 5 bubbles and 3 lives;
Game Best of 12: You'll get 5 rounds with 12 bubbles and 5 lives;
Free Gameplay mode: Just to practice and you can set your own settings, to play for fun. 

Finally, we have a High scoreboard to see who will get the best score 💪

Here you can see a teaser of the game:


If you like this game, please give me a Kudo. That will give me the power to create more games in the future. 




Really lovely game, totally love it. Kudos Michelle. 

Thank you @Olayinka_Styler 🤗 

Love this @MichelleWongNL1 - looks really slick!...

Lovely Michelle, this is nice!

Well done!! Very cool! I really like it! 

I love this app!!!!! 😍