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'Power Platforms' (A Dynamic Form Builder built in Power Apps)

Power Platforms.gif


This is the initial release of a dynamic form builder that I started building about a month ago.


Get it Here:


View a Preview Here (Note: This is a pre-release version):


The goal of the solution was to allow any number of users to be able to create one or many forms using the same app - in a fashion similar to Microsoft Forms. This means allowing for 'you' to create a form using a Form Builder, share a form by leveraging the Param() function, and viewing/submitting a form using a Form Viewer.


The app itself serves as a showcase-piece to demonstrate the ability that parsing JSON natively could bring to the platform. In its current state, I've created my own 'parser' using the MatchAll() formula along with some Regular Expressions. This works very well as-is, but obviously native-JSON parsing would be even better! (*wink wink*).


Looking beyond the pseudo-JSON parser, the app also highlights some unconventional patterns using MatchAll() to extract text - including using the under-exploited Named Subgroups functionality (Learn more: There's also a handful of UI/UX patterns to address the need to be usable across both web and mobile/small-screen devices.


Here's a few more (of many) features:

- Ability to categorize attachments to a specific field.

- Ability to create repeating elements.

- Storing dynamic data in JSON format.

- Utilizing a very narrow backend table structure (SharePoint-based, in this case), which stores information on all the forms and their submissions.

- Other stuff I'm sure I've forgotten already. 😛


Have fun playing around with it! 🙂


~ Ramiro (@ohthreesixfive)