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School Events App

Before I talk about the application that I have developed, I would like to provide a little introduction about myself.

I graduated with my BS in Computer Science from Texas A&M University a couple of weeks back and am pursuing my Master's in Computer Science from Texas A&M University beginning Fall 2021. In addition, this summer I am doing a Software Engineering Internship at American Express.


Now, let's get started with talking about my application!


Have you ever waited in a long line trying to purchase a ticket for a school event?

Are you running late to a school event and concerned about missing 5-10 minutes of your favorite band concert or sporting event?


Well, I have developed a canvas application that looks to solve these issues and more!

This canvas application serves two purposes:  

  1. allow consumers (clients) to view and purchase tickets for various school events that are occurring and  
  2. allow school administrators to perform CRUD operations on these events.  

It is one application for both school administrators and consumers, which makes it easier to maintain. 


For a consumer, the home screen would look like the following:




















For a school administrator, the home screen would look like the following:



















More details regarding the implementation and a demo of the application can be viewable at 

Also, all relevant files for this application can be found at 


Please provide any feedback and suggestions as to how to improve the application. 

If you like this app concept, please feel free to like this post by clicking the kudos next to my entry. 



Siddharth Sundar    (feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn) 😀