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Sports Statistics Tracker - Speech to Text to Dataverse!

PACC Demo Short.gif


The Sports Statistics Tracker Power App is used to record statistics in sports games.  This particular version is made for Lacrosse games.  The idea for this app started during my son’s lacrosse practice last season.  To record our team’s statistics it took 2 people.  One person who is the 'spotter' and one person who is the 'recorder'. 


The spotter watches the game closely and anytime a player does something that should be recorded as a statistic the spotter verbally says the player's number and statistic.  For example, if the spotter watches number 14 pick up a ball off the ground, then shoot and score a goal the spotter would say, “Number 14 ground ball.  Number 14 shot.  Number 14 goal.”


The second person, the recorder, listens to everything the spotter says and records it with a pencil in a statistics notebook.  The recorder person usually does not get to watch the entire game because they are busy looking at the notebook so often.  This is why the idea for the app came about!


We wanted to be able to have everyone actually watch the game, not look at a notebook and miss the action.  Especially because these people are volunteer parents whose kids play on the team.  Who wants to miss seeing their kid make a good play?  No one does!!!  The Power App solves this problem.


The Power App is simple and reduces the amount of people it requires to record statistics to one person.  Most importantly, the one person can watch the entire game and not miss a play!


To record the statistics the person just presses the record button and uses the format Number <X> <Statistic> to speak into the app whenever a statistic needs to be recorded.  The audio is sent to Azure Cognitive Services and the speech is converted to text, then parsed, then put into the CDS database.  The app also has other features that allow the person using the app to edit statistics and review them if the speech to text conversion did not work perfectly.  The app also has some other features we cannot wait to show you in the Demo Extravaganza!

If you like this app please give us a Kudo so we have a chance at presenting it in the Demo Extravaganza!


This app is a team effort!  The following folks collaborated on this app with me and we are having a great time doing it.  Matt Schuessler, Damian Gibbs, Sarah Meyer, and Hubert Sui.


Hope to see you in the finals, good luck to everyone who submitted an app!



Very cool! This app is needed for this game! Love the UI as well!

So cool! I like the app. 

that's great, it looks very useful and easy to use! 😀

Kudoed for this cool app!

Appreciate the team , the app and the game.   👍👍👍

Very cool!

This app looks amazing and easy to use. As an individual who used to play basketball in recreational leagues as a player and also watch basketball games as a spectactor, I can completely understand the purpose behind this application. Great work by the team!

App looks great and is just what I am after.  When can I buy this?  Can see a number of uses for it in the sports  I am involved with.