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The PowerPlatformLearn Course Maker Solution

This Solution allowed me to create and manage a course running to nearly 300 lessons. It's special because without the Power Platform and Dataverse I couldn't have made it at all. 
Last year I missed the boat for getting an entry into the extravaganza. The "Course Maker" is my offering for the 2021 season. To vote for this app please go to head here.


The App part of a solution and is built over Dataverse/CDS and comprises a data model, a model driven app and a canvas app.


You can find the teaser video here 


It was initially created simply to allow me to create a structure to allow me to explain how to build Canvas Power Apps. It then occurred to me that I could use the app to completely replace PowerPoint, and enable me to hold all the points I needed to make as data.


The app also allows me to "manage" the process of introducing a new lesson into the course. The course is free and can be found at and now stretches to 280+ lessons across 35 modules and runs to an astonishing 42 hours. It's been really tough, and has been my Everest, and is now complete, I've reached the top!




Keep up the good work Rory

All the best Rory @rorybi 


Rory had immensely helped the folks with his wonderful content.


Its easy to understand the concepts, was able to build many solutions with help of his videos.

I gave you the thumbs up.

Great work Rory. Love your passion to build Power Apps. Good Luck