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External Authentication in Portals

Hi Team, 


I am fairly new to Portals and wanted to validate a requirement with the experts here to see if the below implementation is possible : 

  • I am trying to build a portal which is external facing to my customers that will have different tabs in the site. 
  • The customers will be companies say Company A with 10 users, Company B with 50 Users, Company C with 120 Users etc
  • For each user, I will allow them to Sign up using Azure B2C authentication. I want to enforce them to use their Business Email IDs(Is there a way to do this so that I can possibly run a flow in the back end to remove users who have used non business email IDs)
  • For each Customer , I would like to set an administrator(from that company) who will be able to define the access levels for only their employees to various tabs in the portal . 

I am trying to figure out the above authentication implementation possibilities. Any inputs will be highly helpful. 




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Generally, yes.  But if you are inexperienced you will probably encounter some difficulty in setting it up.

for B2C - you would probably do this via a Custom Policy in B2C

for the Admin type of User, yes has been done before (but it is not out of the box functionality)


If you know who the Organizations are then you may be better off Inviting the 'key' user(s) rather than having an open registration.  Then let the key/admin user invite their other users - if you do this you probably don't need to care what email address someone is using.


Super User
Super User

Hi @Rajesh365 ,

for the authentication go for azure b2c as @Fubar mentioned. I also have good experiences with authentication via that one.

May be i am allowed to add a bit on the diffrebnt tabs: you could solve thgis issue by creating a securityrole for every set of tybs you create and allow/disallow pages for that roles as explained here: .  There is also a more detailed description here : by @nickdoelman . Then assign that roles to the users (ok, contacts) which shoulkd only see the specific tabs. I did not try, but usually you will not see the manueentries when you are not allowed to navigate there. Hopefully, this is still the case. Just give it a try 🙂


Hope this helps a little bit,


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