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Advocate I

Portal Comments - Description field not showing in Activity Timeline

I have a form view in my portal which allows users to see the details of their application activity, to include the comments back and forth with internal staff. I set up the table permissions, metadata, timeline grid, etc. as instructed and for a while, the portal comments were showing. Now the only thing that is showing when a new comment is added is the date and time added, but the description field is not visible. Any ideas?noteissue_1.png

Super User
Super User

Hi @NewtKris1 


Can you check the view for the desired table and ensure the description field is added? Also worth checking the form view designer and adding the description field if it was missing. Then republish the form. 


Once done. 


In Design Studio

1. Pres sync configuration and preview the website. And press "Ctrl+F5" 


Hope it helps. 

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I think that might be where I'm hung up. I had added the description field to all of the Activity views, but it's still not showing up. Would it be a different table view I would need to update to change the view of the portal comments?



@ragavanrajan I had also updated the Portal Comments views to include the description fields as well. 

Helper II
Helper II

Hi @NewtKris1,


I am also working with notes and comments in Dynamics Portal.

My experience is, that you need some kind of "flag" within the comment at the beginning of the text.


I had same issue when I created comments and compared the ones which I created manually with the automatically created ones.


The difference was as follows:

- Manually created description text:  "THIS IS MY TEXT"

- Automatically created description text: "*WEB*THIS IS MY TEXT".


Try to start the description text with *WEB*.

In my cases this worked and the description text was visible.





Hope this helps.


Best regards,

Gerald Gut

Thank you. I have tried to save with *WEB* as well, but they still do not show up. I created a new subgrid below the timeline to show only related portal comments, and those show, but as you can see, the timeline view still does not show the descriptions and in fact, appear to show only notes or activities, but not portal comments, because the dates/times present in the timeline are different from those in the portal comments subgrid. I would just use the subgrid Portal Comment view, but it won't let me create new comments from that. 




Helper II
Helper II

Hi @NewtKris1 ,


Do you use Social Pane within the Form?

In case yes, did you enable the portal comment in the filter?


The three records which you see, are these portal comments or other activities?


For me it looks like normal notes right?


You could also enable the "create button" for portal comments in the subgrid.

1. You need create permissions on portal

2. I think you created already MetaData within the Subgrid right?

    a. Within the Metadata you can define a "Raster" configuration for the create button:


Anyway you need the create permissions to be able to see the button afterwards.


Do not forget to clear cache after changes.


Did that help?


Best regards

Gerald Gut

Hi there - thank you so much for the detailed response! I do have Portal Comments selected within the pane you listed. I think the top 3 comments I have listed in the photo are notes or another activity and not portal comments, but I can't see to be sure!


I did try and create a button within the subgrid metadata, but it doesn't give me any form options. 



I already have a button to add a comment from within the Timeline metadata. 😞



Helper II
Helper II

Hi @NewtKris1,


sorry, was on vacation. 🙂


As your screenshot mention, you do not have a basic form for the portalcomment entity.

You should create a basic form and afterwards this should be choosable.


Within the created action (create) you should be able to see then the button and create a portal comment.

Please do not forget the entity permissions for portal comments.


Best regards,




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