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Create Collection using Patch



I'm building a phone app.  It uses galleries as dropdowns for selecting values that populate a form on the final page for submission.  In the past, I've been successful by just using variables, and having each screen populate a variable.  This time, I've tried using a collection, and it all works perfectly in the editor and iOS, Web.


THE PROBLEM IS:  Even though everything behaves as expected, I get the red error message "An error occurred on the server."  I'm patching directly into a collection when this error occurs.  The data is still patched into the collection.  As far as I can tell, no error has occurred.  I believe this is a bug.  I can't even tell what kind of error it thinks has occurred.  Can I supress this message?


My planned workaround is:  I'll just have to use 20 variables instead of 1 collection with 20 columns.  That's lame, but working code is better than false error messages.

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Re: Create Collection using Patch

Hi, I do not know if you have watched this video but I found it helpful for Patch, Forall etc.