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Edit sharepoint list item

Trying to edit a sharepoint list and getting stuck. Have looked at some of the other queries around this but doesn't seem to sort mine?


I have a form with datasource form a SP list with one field that I want to be able to edit.  I populate the field by the selected value on a dropdown outside of the form.  My issues are as follows:


1. If I set the form to mode "New" then it appears fine, the field populates fine from the selection in the dropdown.  i can edit the field  but I don't know how to save the edit?  If I submit the form it just adds a new row because obviously the form is in "new" mode !


2.  If I set the form to "Edit" then I get the no items to display message, despite the fact that the field should populate from the drop down same as in option 1.


Any suggestions on easiest way to allow users to edit a field in a sp list.. (don't want to use the customized app from SP list)


I should add I think it has to do with the "Item" parameter on the edit form but just haven't managed to tie down the correct syntax on that or maybe I'm off track?