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Filter Gallery by dropdowns from different tables

Good Morning,


I'm attemping to have 3 dropdown values on my Selection Screen sort the ClientGalleryList on my BrowseScreen.


Each drop down is pulling data from a different table (dbo.Office, dbo.Type, dbo.ManagerName) and the Gallery is pulling the client data (dbo.Clients). I would like the information shown in the gallery to be dependent upon what is selected in the dropdowns on SelectionScreen1


So far I have this on my items formula : Filter('[dbo].[Clients]',
Type = Value(Dropdown__type.Selected.Value) And Filter('[dbo].[Office]'),
OfficeName = Dropdown_Office.Selected.Value


That is where I stopped because it's telling me that: Suggestion Part of this Filter Formula cannot be evaluated remotely due to service limitations. (3 of my 4 tables have less than 10 rows while the client table has thousands of rows, but based on the filters shouldn't have more than 500 total.


The other issue is my Type table has words and numbers so I've gotten an error in trying some different formulas that tells me left is text and right is number so it won't work. ( This is not as big of an issue as I can edit the table to be either text only or numbers only)