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Level 8

Filtering Office365 Users so no Blocked or Guest

I am trying to filter out O365 Users so they do not show any Guest or Blocked in the Status.


Here is my Formula:  

ITEMS:   Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTermSmiley FrustratedearchAGF.Text}),AccountEnabled=true)


I've tried to add an additional filter of Status.Value<>"Guest" but this doesn't help any.  


Level 8

Re: Filtering Office365 Users so no Blocked or Guest

HI @PhilatBaker


Here is a link to the Available properties you can use with the Office365Users.SearchUser Command


Currently there are no Properties that will enable you to filter out guest accounts. The AccountEnabled property should allow you to get the blocked accounts though.


There only way around this just now that I know of, would be to add Guest to an unused attribute (like State or Country), to allow you to filter on.


If you are using all Attributes then the only other thing I can think of, is to create a Group in office 365 for guests and use the Office365Groups function to allow you to filter that way.


Not ideal but should do as a workaround.