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First in Data Table control doesn't update properly

Hi all

Running into some strange behavior when using the First or FirstN functions in PowerApps.

I have a data table control in the PowerApp that shows a filtered and sorted data source. The filtering is based on a variable (we'll call it var_Item_Num) that the user enters. The formula looks like this:

=SortByColumns(Filter(My_Data_Source,Item_Number_Column = var_Item_Num), "Date_Time",Descending)

Works fine -- as soon as the user changes var_Item_Num, the data table updates. If the var_Item_Num is not found within the source, the data table is blank/empty. Great.

Next I wanted to only return the first/most recent resuly from this filtered source instead. This is where I'm running into issues. Tried with both First/FirstN like so:

=First(SortByColumns(Filter(My_Data_Source,Item_Number_Column = var_Item_Num), "Date_Time",Descending))

This is fine if var_Item_Num is found -- the most recent result is returned. However the behavior changes when var_Item_Num is not found; instead of showing blank, the data table just doesn't update. It shows whatever the previous result was. For example if I search 1111 and view the first result, then search 2222 which is not in the data source, the result for 1111 is still shown.

If I remove First, this behavior is corrected immediately -- a search for 1111 and then 2222 will yield an empty data table as expected.

Why is this happening?

Super User
Super User

Re: First in Data Table control doesn't update properly

Hi @FinePilsner 

Just for a test could you try and see if this works

Lookup(Sort(My_Data_Source, Date_Time, Descending),Item_Number_Column = var_Item_Num)
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Re: First in Data Table control doesn't update properly

Thanks for the reply -- Just tried this, exact same issue. Searching for a record that has no results fails to clear/empty the data table, and the result from the previous (successful) lookup remains.


I ended up just creating a text label with multiple SORT/LOOKUPS rather than using a data table. There's some fundamental bug here in Data Tables that needs to be addressed -- when their data source changes to have no items, they don't appear to clear out.

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