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Formula to filter a gallery via button

Dear all


I have somehow built a functioning timesheet with a lot of help from this community, but in my design, I didn't think about scrolling through the gallery as the year progressed. The gallery list is made up of the working days of the year.


So I have added in a menu screen with buttons (see e.g.1) and I'm looking for some help to write a formula which will filter my gallery from a button, so the gallery shows only the days of the month you select. 


My gallery has the following fields (see e.g.2):

  • Body1 = A unique number used to order the list of working days = ThisItem.ID
  • Title2 = A text description of the day/date using three column = ThisItem.Day & " " & ThisItem.Date & " " & ThisItem.Month
  • Subtitle2 = A formula summing the number of hours logged for that day = Text(Value(Hours_1)+Value(Hours_2)+Value(Hours_3)+Value(Hours_4)+Value(Hours_5)+Value(Hours_6)+Value(Hours_7)+Value(Hours_8)) & " " & "hours logged"


How can I write a formula, so that when a button is pressed it filters the gallery to just show entries for a single month?


Logically I would want to write something in OnSelect like: 


Filter based on a unique number





Filter based on unique text



But I have no idea how to express this in PowerApps... Any ideas what I need to write?


Thanks in advance..


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Formula to filter a gallery via button