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Get id of created records


I need to save collection to DataSource (SharePoint Online) and then get ID's of these records from SharePoint Online.

I have tried syntax like "Collect(CreatedTable, Collect(SharePointList, LocalTable))", but it collects all records to "CreatedTable" from SharePoint List. Is there anyway to achieve this? With single record, the case is simple - I use Set(Var, Patch(SharePoinntList, Record)) and I get all details about created record. But how to handle the whole collection?

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Re: Get id of created records

Hello John,


If you are using Patch to update SharePoint then you only need to make a slight modification to your Patch command and place the results of your Patch into a new Collection. Then you may access this new Collection and extract the id.


ClearCollect(LastSharePointUpdates, Patch( your patch syntax)) );


Collection LastSharePointUpdates will have the data you seek.


Hope this helps.


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Super User

Re: Get id of created records

Two approaches you may want to try.

1. Use a ForAll to write the records one at a time and pull back the details using the set statement as you described for a single record. Downside is that ForAll is less efficient than ClearCollect.

2. Make a note of the current highest ID in the SharePoint list

Set(varLastID, Last(SortByColumns(SharePointList, "ID").ID)

Then run your Collect, then Filter the SharePoint list for IDs greater than varLastID and (if multitple users will use the system at the same time) where the CreatedBy matches the current user login.

Neither method is great, but might be enough to achieve your goal.

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