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Offline SPList : Collection Upload



First of all I wanted to thumbs up for all the posts in this forum. I know PowerApps is a relatively new solution but I found tons of halp so far for my development.


To the matters at hand, I'm building an offline capable app that aims to create or edit elements in a SP list. I may mention that this SP list has various type of fields, including lookup


So I've been fetching various ideas from the forum, especially here


And here


I think I narrowed the problem to something quite simple : I am not able to save records in a collection then upload those records to a SP list.


The following snippet doesn't work (careful french formatting and operators on this one) :


ClearCollect(localtestcollection; First(Eclairage));;


It probably has something to do with column values or formatting, but I can't get it right.


Any advice on this matter ?


Thanks in advance !