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Passing value [0] to DefaultSelectedItems ComboBox, and ComboBox search issues.

I have a PowerApps screen that loads values from a collection into a series of ComboBoxes. DefaultSelectedItems in each ComboBox is based off the following:

[LookUp(TodaysWorkout, ID = WorkoutItemVar, SetWeight10)]

TodaysWorkout is the collection I'm looking up from, ID is a unique identifier for each item in the table, WorkoutItemVar is the variable set to the specific item ID I want to edit, and SetWeight10 is the value I want to make available for editing (or not) by the ComboBox. The enclosing brackets must be included for it to work, and it works like a charm with every single value that is passed to it except for 0. Even though 0 is an item available in the ComboBox, it refuses to allow that item to be selected by default. Users can pick it manually just fine. So, if values are 20 or 150 or any others numeric values available, it loads them as default selected. If 0 is the value, users instead see a blank ComboBox.

I wouldn't be so bothered by this behavior if it weren't for the fact that if the ComboBox doesn't have a legitimate default value, the items you can select from aren't searchable. If you select an item manually, then remove that selected item (making it blank again), the ComboBox is magically searchable.

It all seems to come down to the fact that any number if enclosed in [ ] makes DefaultSelectedItems happy, except 0. Now if I force DefaultSelectedItems to be ["0"], it's happy but I can't put quotes in and expect my LookUp to work. I tried using Char(34) inside the braces like so:

[Char(34)&LookUp(TodaysWorkout, ID = WorkoutItemVar, SetWeight10)&Char(34)]

but all that does is make the default selected item read as "0" including the quotes, which would be funny if it weren't so frustrating.

I'm pretty new to PowerApps so I wouldn't be surprised at all if I'm doing something ridiculous. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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