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click on gallery of attachments to show larger image

I am trying to imitate Wonder Laura's Powerhour Gallery of Attachments.  I have it set up a little different though.  I have different screens and forms for Browse gallery (Screen 1), new/edit (Screen 2), and detail (Screen 3).


I have put ClearCollect(colAttachments,BrowseGallery1.Selected.Attachments) on the OnSelect of the BrowseScreen Gallery.  The Attachments show up in the new/edit screen new gallery, GalAttahcments, by adding a gallery to the attachments data card and setting the gallery item to colAttachments. Then I set the OnSelect of the gallery to Set(varPopUp,true).


I then created a image and set the visible to : varPopUp and set the Image to: GalAttachments.Selected.Image.  But my image does not appear.  When I go to  the collection I also cannot see the image. 


Any ideas on why I cannot display the image?2018-11-28 14_45_31-.pngThis is showing my GalAttachments gallery in my attachments datacard on the new/edit screen2018-11-28 14_47_00-Window.pngThis is the popup that will not display the image2018-11-29 06_40_28-Window.pngthis is a print screen of the collection

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Re: click on gallery of attachments to show larger image



You could try to make a variable based on the Value field off your collection. 

UpdateContext({MyPicture, GalAttachments.Selected.value})

Also remove the varPopUp and show the img based on the variable not to be blank. So Img.Visible


Then on the close button off the pop-up you set this variable to blank(). So Close.OnSelect

UpdateContext({MyPicture, ""})

The Pop-Up will disappear because your variable is a blank string.


Hope this helps.