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Post a travel time of my location to Microsoft Teams

This flow post a travel time from my location to Microsoft Teams.

Just like 'Hi, <Name> need to back our office <Time> mins'.






1. Trigger: Mobile Button - Manually trigger a flow

2. Action: Bing Maps - Get Route

  Waypoint 1 = [manual - Latitude], [manual - Longtitude]

  Waypoint 2 = <your office location name>

  Travel mode = Transit

3. Action: Microsoft Teams - Post message

  Messsage = Hi, [manual - User Name] need to back our office [div(body('Get_route')?['travelDuration'], 60)] mins.


Travel mode have 3 options.

Driving is for car.

Walking is for walk.

Transit is for train, bus, airplane.1.png




[manual - User Name] is the Dynamic content.

[div(body('Get_route')?['travelDuration'], 60)] is the Expression for translating unit from seconds to minutes.


By this flow, you can share your team with your current location.


When you have multiple offices, you can create multiple Flows and Buttons on your phone.

When you want to Send mail, you can replace to Outlook from Microsoft Teams.

When you want to add SharePoint List, you can add SharePoint List.



Yoshihiro Kawabata





Level: Powered On

Re: Post a travel time of my location to Microsoft Teams

Hi @yoshihirok,


Because this flow use Bing map connectors, I would like to know whether there is a limit to the "number of flows" this can be run