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Add Custom Fields to the Approval Form

Hi team,


So here is the thing: when we approve something more frequently than we thought we need more information being handled by the approver that outlines the approval context.


Some examples

  • When you require an approval that require to assign a resource
  • When you need to restrict the approval to a condition or parameter
  • To avoid re-start an approval process because the object of approval is immutable 

So, i.e. if I could modify and retrive more information (other than the comments and Approve/Reject flag) such Persons, Numbers, Option Selection, etc. I could ask for approval and yet other information valuable to the process.


Is it possible for you guys add support to modify / custom fields to the approval form?


Thanks, Ed.


Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

Level: Powered On


I have a requirement to let the Workflow approver selecting approval/rejection reasons from a dropdown list, in stead of writing approval comments in the text box. 


I add this proposal part of Flow Idea: to customize the defaut comments section that comes with the action "Start approval".


Thank you

Flow Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

Level: Powered On

Any update for this one? I need this for a use case were a manager is approving onboarding of new members, but during approval wants the option to flag the member as VIP.  I'd use this flag to trigger other actions.


I understand that I could write the approval to a SharePoint item, and ask the approver to afterwards edit that item to set a field to VIP, but that would take 2 transactions from the approver.

Level: Powered On

It's been almost a year and a half. Anything new on this? I would imagine this is something a LOT of people would want. Lots of "business objects" need info added to them as they go through the approval chain. Asking people to go into the actual sharepoint item and edit only certain fields and click save blah blah blah is doable, but clunky and embarrassing. For instance, say the thing being represented in this process is a business trip for which the traveler is seeking approval. They fill out an office form, that creates a sharepoint item containing the details, it gets sent to an approver, the approver approves but we also need something like what "funding code" this trip should come out of. Telling them in a long email to click approve but having to add "ALSO! IMPORTANT! DONT FORGET TO CLICK HERE AND GO ADD A FUNDING CODE!" is sloppy. If something in the approval page would make sure they enter customizable fields when approving or rejecting, we could then pull these fields off the approval connector later on in the flow and plug them in to the sharepoint item. It'd be wonderful!