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Add Date comparison functions


Really need to be able to compare dates and return the number of days (work days).


I've searched the forum and every question where this type of a request has been asked the answer is that you can’t do it – but this is a pretty basic need!


Example of need:

SharePoint List, has a Created Date and a last Modified Date.

I have a daily email summary that pulls from multiple lists the items that are still pending review by our supervisors and managers and sends one email with multiple lists to the group in the body.

Currently I am reporting on the date last modified but it would be much more impactful to list the number of (work)days since the record was last modified.



Please let us know if this is something that has been slotted for development or if not, I would please ask that you seriously consider adding it.


Thank you!

Status: Under Review

This would be a very valuable addition, thank you for the suggestion.

Level: Powered On

Would love to have a function to convert to Excel serial date value. I have need to look up a row in Excel, created by Microsoft Forms. Excel changes submitted Date/Time to an Excel serial date value. Trying to then get the Excel row by that timestamp (the only unique key) is **bleep** near impossible, since it's already converted to a serial number in the Forms dumping ground spreadsheet.