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Add an Action to allow category to be set on an email

It would be great if there was a way to add categories to an email through Flow.  The scenario I'm thinking of would be emails from specific domains get flagged with a specific category to make it easy to add flags like "Top Customer" or "Important Partner" or "Personal" based on the domain or other criteria that could be set as part of the flow.

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This is one of my most common client rules.

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Yep - this would be very good to have.  I have a Flow that adds a row to an Excel sheet every time a message comes in to a shared mailbox.  These messages are categorized by subject sometime after arrival (manually, by someone else).  If Flow could register that categorization and insert the Excel row at the time of categorization, that would be lovely - since I need to do analyses on the categorized messages.


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Yes very interesting. I would like a feed to create Team Planner tasks based on the assignment of a category

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Agreed, we have a real problem where we cant specify the date of a task created from an email other than very limited choices, a trigger on category assignment would be ideal


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Lack of this feature is preventing me from migrating from gmail to - we heavily use gmail labels that are automatically added when emails arrive...AFIK outlook categories are the only way to do this, but flow doesn't support them.