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Add horizontal scroll bar when working with wide flows

UPDATE:- This appears to be happending intermittently. Sometimes the horizontal scroll bar will appear when required, other times not. 


I am currently working on a flow with a few CASE and CONDITION statements. This results in a very horizontally 'wide' flow. There is no horizontal scroll bar showing in my browser (Chrome) making it hard to navigate around the flow. I can successfully scroll horizontally using the arrow keys. 


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We recently made a change to work better with wider flows:

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Yes! I have the same issue when in Chrome or IE. I have to resize the screen a few times and then I can get the bar to show up.

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I would love to see a more "small-screen" friendly solution for this. Maybe it would be much better to not make Flows wide at all. I wouldn't mind to click on a icon (left / reft arrow) to switch between conditions (if yes / if no) or between cases in a switch case. That would make it much "small-screen" friendly and I think not a lot of people will mind...

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@Ben_Love @BridgetZ Good point! I am also experiencing this intermitent behaviour when in Edge: sometimes the scroll is available, sometimes it isn't.

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Agreed, this kinda sucks. Doesn't scale if you maximize your window so you have to stretch it all out of proportion.

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I found the solution. I am using Waterfox (Firefox). If you scroll to the bottom of the page using browsers vertical scroll bar, then a horizontal scroll bar appears at the bottom. Use to move horizontally and then start moving up again. The horizontal scroll bar dissapears when you start moving up. Kind of a painful method of scrolling, but it works.