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Add sorting to Flow lists 'My Flows', 'Team Flows' 'Business Flows'

It would be useful to sort/group flows by name (default) and modified to find and group them more easily.


E.g. I currently have multiple flows for each of 3 separate teams, I name them "<team name> - <task>", but they are all over the place. It would be helpful to have them sorted by team.

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I have many flows for different groups and business processes.  Having the ability to change the sort order and view would improve efficiency greatly.

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Agreed. This may seem like a low priority issue, but as we start using Flow I can already see this becoming a very frustrating issue as we continue to build new flows and migrate existing SP workflows into Flow. The list is going to grow quickly and flows I manage and have access to from different teams and sites will be thrown in together, with the sort order constantly changing based on what was edited last.

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Update: Since the My flows list appears to be a UI Fabric DetailsList, it seems this would be an easy add considering the sortable example given by MS itself here:


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