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Allow for dynamic "file" value for excel "get a row" action

When using the Excel (Business) connector you can currently select the "File" that will be used for the "get row" action at design time.  This works fine if the spreadsheet already exists and you want to continously reference it when you flow is initiated.  However, if you wanted to set up a document library that contained an Excel spreadsheet as a template that a user could edit and save to the library to then have a Flow take action on, you can't.  Specifically, I would like the ability so that either through a manual trigger or when the spreadsheet is new/updated that the spreadsheet file (name, link, whatever is needed) could be used as a dynamic value on the "get row" action so that I could just grab a cell from the newly created spreadsheet and use it in the rest of the flow.




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@blitwak United States here my friend, in effort to not muddy up this thread. Feel free to hit me up on discord or email if you'd like. I'll PM you my info.

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Hi Guys at Flow product team,


Please solve this idea.

Without dynamic file path or if you prefer dynamic file name for excel the actions for the excel connector are too limited.

Imagine this scenario to envision the utility of this idea:


A Company wants to send weekly reports in excel to sales team

  1. You create a blank template excel with a table inside
  2. with a apply to each, generate a file per sales team member
  3. Populate each one with correspondent data
  4. send by email the report to each member.

Nowadays without the  possibility to use dynamic file path in "add rows to a table" the step 3 is not possible.


I'm pretty sure this is a very commom scenario in everyday life of a company, where flow could be a great addition.


Please ear us !!!!!

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Still waiting for a dynamicall fiel path for exel online connectors. 


As @moutinhoabreu says, there are scenarios like his one and many other more, where dynamicall file path for the excel online files are needed.


Actually we are working with very, very, very bad work-arround like having a switch in the flow and a own Excel-online-node for every excel file we have and which the flow need a connection for!!! We need dynamical file pathes.


I see no way for a work-arround when you have different excel files with different pathes and different file names but having the same structure and you want to read/edit different of these files with same structure with the same work flow.


It is important!