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Approvals - ability to turn off reassignment

Reassignment is a great feature, but sometimes there is a requirement that a staff member shouldn't be able to re-assign - some business don't want their employees to "pass the buck".


Would it be possible to allow an approval to be configured so that the approver can't reassign?  With a "Yes/No" dropdown option, but still allowing the option to "Add Dynamic content" (e.g. using a boolean variable) so that it can be dynamically set during the workflow if necessary.



Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider this.

Level: Power Up

Please add a way to trigger an email notification if ever an approval is reassigned as well with the information on who is the new approver.

Level: Powered On

I would love to see this feature, as we currenlty use a flow to assign access to list items by each item and then assign them an approval flow.  If our users reassign, the person they reassign to does not have access to the list item (and we don't want them to get access without our knowledge)

Level: Powered On

It would also be great if the "Reassign" action could be used as a trigger. Let me briefly explain why:

I have an approval flow that runs and a concurrent "Do Until" that checks to see if a variable has been changed; if it hasn't changed, an email is sent as a reminder to the approver. It works great, but if the workflow is reassigned, this reminder email goes to the initial approver, not the approver that was chosen in the reassign action. If this "Reassign" could be leveraged as a trigger, I think I could build some logic to update the reminder email. 

Level: Powered On

it looks like this feature is now (being) rolled out: