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Ask user for input

There should be a way to send an email asking somebody to input something. This input could be used as dynamic content. It would be nice to allow a user to change a variable. For example, asking a user what time something should be or giving the option to change a time. It would also be nice if there was a comment box for email with options. Personally, that would solve my issues, but I feel like a general "Ask user for input" could be more valuable for its wide variety of uses.

Status: Under Review

The recommended way to do this is to use approval flows. These can receive input from users and then proceed based on the selected input. 

Level: Powered On

We also need this feature; Approval emails don't allow attachments, which is required for many of our use cases (as opposed to sending a link to the document(s)). Being able to insert a text input field into the Send Email with Options connector would solve a lot of issue quite nicely.

Level: Power Up

I would really love this feature.

For my use case, the following would be great;


A Flow that is available organization wide.


1; User clicks Flow button

2; Flow asks for Name - User inputs first name

3; Flow asks for End Date - User inputs en date

4; Flow asks for replacements email address - User inputs email address

5; Flow finishes and sets Out of Office for that user with above inputs.

Level: Powered On

@Stephen - I think the most basic way of explaining this is in my organization's needs. We are using Flow to create new clients. All new clients are required a unique client ID based on several aspects of the client (i.e. location, book of business, type of client).

The process would be a staff member would fill out the client profile. The staff member does NOT have access to the available client #s. After the form is filled out, an approval would require the client # be input by an administrator.


I know this can be handled using the "Comments" section, but having input fields with validation ability would be CLUTCH.