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Button in SharePoint List to Trigger Microsoft Flow coming from a different environment than the default one

Hi to everyone, 


i will try to explain my project and my issue in a few rows. 

I realized and app with powerApps which triggers a flow that send a notification in Teams and creates a PDF quotation in a repository in SharePoint Online. Between this 2 operations there is an approval process by the manager who should approve or rejact the order through 2 buttons in a sharepoint list as showed below.image.png

I noticed that it works just if your flow are stored in the default enviroment. My company works with several diferente enviroment and  and it is unthinkable that in order to operate we must keep all the flows in the default environment. We need to be able to activate flows of different environments!


Please release (or think about it) this feature.





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the approval button trigger a particular approval flow, the reject one the opposit action. 

Both button trigger a flow that are stored in another production enviroment different than the defoult one.