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Change the Requester for approvals

I have a flow that I created and shared with others. This flow monitors a generic email and sends an approval when an email comes in. The approval email says I am the one requesting approval. I would like to change that to show the generic email is requesting approval. 


UPDATE: I see you can now change the Requestor, but the "Created by" still shows with my name, and that cannot be changed.

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Agreed. Account requesting the should be the "Requested by..." Nobody cares that IT created the Flow in my organization. Tags are important for information tracking. Granted we see the email, but tags should be corrected or not there at all.


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Strongly agree.  In most corporations the bulk of workflows are carried out on behalf of a team/company, not an individual.  An adoption blocker in many instances.  Not just the 'Requested by' text but also the 'Created by' that sits underneath.  What is the point?  Common sense would dictate that Flows are generally created by IT technicians/consultants who have nothing to do with the actually business process.  The Flow Approval notifications are poor all round - Markdown for the email body... is also lacking common sense. The approval emails look like phishing attempts.  How about the ability to insert html so we can apply company branding?

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I fully agree. In my organization, workflows are carried out on behalf of a team, not an individual, which is common for most companies. Please come up with its solution.

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i Fully Agreed need to be removed 

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another vote to fix this!!