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Close Dynamics Opportunity based throug flow



I Would like to close an opportunity in CRM automatically when the expected close date has been pased. We have al lot of old opportunities in CRM, and we are creating new onces with a flow when a e-mail has been received. Therefor I would like to build a flow that will automatically close this opportunities. I tried to do this with the update a record but have no been able to arrange this.

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I'm trying to do something similar... close opportunity as won and close all open quotes once one quote has been turned into an order.  I get this error

"This message can not be used to set the state of opportunity to won. In order to set state of opportunity to won, use the won message "

Level: Powered On

Any update on this please..i am facing similar issue

Level: Power Up

Would love support on this as well, not having any luck closing opportunities as won or lost with Flow.