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Connect to a Facebook Page

It would be great to enable connections to specific Facebook pages.  I was trying to use Microsoft Flow to post any updates to our company page to our Yammer network but seems I can only connect to my personal Facebook profile.  When I have used similar services setting up a Facebook connection, the user is normally asked after logging in which profile/page would they like to make a connection to.

Status: Started

We are working on the ability to connect to Facebook pages right now.

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+1 This is an important feature.

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Is there any update microsoft?!

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I am guessing that having an API for Facebook is "as good, as it is going to get"... I see this has been going on for over 2+ years... What happened to putting items in GitHub, when you cannot complete something and letting the rest of society find/fix some of the issues? I do hope this will be completed as Our Marketing department recently asked for this integration..
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I heard this has to do with the security changes facebook made on their api.  is this correct?   how do we move forward to be able to do connect to fb w/ flow?


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