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Copy SharePoint list attachments

Please allow a SharePoint List option to copy an attachment in a List to a document library, this would be very helpful for a candidate recruiting site we are creating on SharePoint. It would allow for attached resumes to be easily copied into a document folder that is seamlessly synced through OneDrive onto my Windows Laptop.

Status: Completed

This feature has been completed, you can read about it here:

PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Planned
Level: Powered On

Please, please, please....I've been looking for this feature since On-Prem 2010.

Level: Powered On

yes, this will be very helpful. Currently this is a reason keeping me from switching from SharePoint Designer workflow to Flow.


Level: Powered On

Still needing the ability to manage List Item Attachments in Flow.

Level: Powered On

Agreed. List items are a great way of organising a collection of files, but not being able to keep that 'collection' together using flow is a nightmare