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Copy action - time saver

It would be nice if I could copy an action into another. It'll make it easier and faster to complete the flow.


For example:

Depending on the day of the week, I need to update the [todayschedule] on SharePoint list.  Using the Switch/Case actions, on Monday case, add an [Update Item] action. Then copy this action for Tuesday - Friday cases and just change the [todayschedule] column without needing to select the list path, list name, ID, and other required contents each time.





Status: Started

We are now working on this feature and will have it available for you soon.

Level: Powered On

Seems to be delayed?

Level: Powered On

@Stephen when will this feature be released?

Level: Power Up

Would also like to have clarification on this feature if possible! Would be wonderful if this could be added asap!

Level: Powered On

Please make this happen, its the biggest roadblock to getting our more technical staff members on board with this. 

Level: Powered On

Any update on timing?