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Copy action - time saver

It would be nice if I could copy an action into another. It'll make it easier and faster to complete the flow.


For example:

Depending on the day of the week, I need to update the [todayschedule] on SharePoint list.  Using the Switch/Case actions, on Monday case, add an [Update Item] action. Then copy this action for Tuesday - Friday cases and just change the [todayschedule] column without needing to select the list path, list name, ID, and other required contents each time.





Status: Completed

This day has finally arrived when Flow supports copy paste.

Although it seems like a simple feature to build, there is a lot of complexity involved in supporting this feature. Especially when you think about handling references and action names across flows.


I appreciate all the feedback on this post, and know that you've played a very important role in shaping the future of Microsoft Flow.


More details on Clipboard support here:


Highly recommend reading through, if you are a fan of easter eggs Smiley Happy

Level 8

Does anyone know if the clipboard is going to be per flow or available globally between flows?

Level: Power Up

From what I recall, in the comments of his demo video he states that copying between flows is on the roadmap to be rolled out eventually.


The aforemention demo video link can be seen at the following link:


Just an aside, there seems to be more updates there and through him than on here though.


Though, thank you so much for the video, friends at Microsoft, if you also subscribe to this!



Level: Powered On

You can now copy to clipboard, but the feature is still only in preview mode. Hopefully this means that we will see a full release soon.

Level: Powered On

The idea is now two years old - any estimate when it will be implemented?

Level: Powered On

This feature is already available if you use the early adopter setting...

It's working real well and between flows (side by side browers).  Massive time saver!!