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Copy action - time saver

It would be nice if I could copy an action into another. It'll make it easier and faster to complete the flow.


For example:

Depending on the day of the week, I need to update the [todayschedule] on SharePoint list.  Using the Switch/Case actions, on Monday case, add an [Update Item] action. Then copy this action for Tuesday - Friday cases and just change the [todayschedule] column without needing to select the list path, list name, ID, and other required contents each time.





Status: Started

We are now working on this feature and will have it available for you soon.

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I would also find it beneficial to have the ability to copy certain parts of a flow. It would be nice if every action, condition, switch case, apply to each, do until, and scope had a "Copy" in the upper right options. Then you could add the option to paste when clicking on a plus in the flow.

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I want to copy action by drag the action with press Ctrl key.

For quick and easy way for add action which existing in my flow.


My scenario:

1. Add "Teams - alert the team" actions at some places in my flow.

2. Add "Send a mail" actions at some places in my flows.


Now, for adding each actions, I need to type the service name, and select the action.

By Ctrl + Drag the existing actions, Do more in Microsoft Flow just like PowerPoint, Excel, etc.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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Very important !!


Time saving...

Without that, use of Flow can only be limited.


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Flow should have the ability to copy flow actions so that repeatable actions can be copied to various conditions or switch cases.




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I agree. This is a much needed feature.