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Create a archive file from files - File System

I want to create a archive file from files on my pc, and send a mail attached the file.

The archive file mean ZIP file.


Now, File System service can extract files from a archive file.

and I can extract files from archive file by Microsoft Flow.

So, I want to create a archive file from files by Microsoft Flow.


Example Actions:

1. Create a archive file

2. Add a file to archive file

3. Update a file in archive file

4. Remove a file from archive file

5. Set password to archive file






Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: New
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I am also need the similar archiving functionality. We frequently used to zip some artifacts and checkin into the CM Systems (SVN and GIT). 

Level 10

Hi @Petchirajan


Yes, frequently use to zip for some.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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I also want to archive files automatically with Microsoft Flow but instead I need to use the Task Scheduler and powershell. Why does Microsoft allow us to extract files but not compress then?

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To import a package via the Dyanamics 365 Operations connector into Dynamics 365 FO we need to create a zip-file within flow. Without the possibility to create the zip file as an import package for Dynamics 365 FO the action "data management import from package" is absolutely useless.

We can decompress a zip file in SharePoint but we cannot create one.

We urgently need the possibilty to create a zip file on SharePoint

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This action would save so much time in writing custom application development.