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Create new folder when a New Item is created in a list

When a new item is created in a list, the Flow currently allows me to create a file, or copy attachments to a new folder but does not allow me to create a new folder automatically, using the inputs of the list item that has recently been added. It should be able to use the multiple entries of the same list item and combine them to create the folder name.


For example, when a new item is added in a list which has these details:
Column-1: A001

Column-B: Client Name

Column-C: Project Name 

Flow must create a new folder with the following name: A001 - Client Name - Project Name


If this happens please, life at my office would be easier. Smiley Happy 

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In addition to an action to create a folder, a condition should allow you to know if a folder exists to decide if it needs to be created.



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It would also be great if we could create a document set with flow and include some metadata!

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@Ammaar As a work-around you can create a text file (.txt) with the Create File action and for the path just set the fields to your folder name as suggested

/ProjectNum - Client Name - Project Name/randomfile.txt


if the folder doesn't exist it will create it to place the text file there then you can just delete the text file in the next action.


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Folders are Evil! I think we should do as much as possible to change behaviour of the users and trying to eliminate folders averywhere where it is possible.

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Did anyone figure out how to do this??