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Currency and decimal format in Microsoft Flows

I am building an email output where I am retreiving currency, ie formatted as currency in SharePoint.  It would be good to be able to format the "float" to 2 decimal places using workflow definition language.  I have been able to use substring but it fails when the number from the SharePoint list is 0.  It appears that 0 is actually represented as 0.0 and not presenting a second decimal place as integer numbers do.

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the input, we will evaluate this for a future release.

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I posted a temporary solution to round and format a float for currency.


We really, really, really need some number formatting.

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I am wondering why this idea has not a very, very high voting. Perhaps most of the user come from USA. In Germany, it is a pain in the ass to have to convert every single number (decimal point, round numbers, currency, etc.) output. :-(


And I am still wondering, why there is no simple function to round floats. There is a splitt, but nothing to mathematically round numbers.

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I strongly agree. Lack of robust & simple approach to rounding and number formatting is one of the most significant negatives about Flow so far. Currency, %, and common abbreviations (M, MM, k etc.) should be standard rather than requiring torturous workarounds.