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Digitally signed emails do not trigger

Currently Microsoft Flow cannot handle digitally signed email (eg. to extract attachments like PDF - signed too)

The trigger "when a new email arrives in a Shared mailbox" won't fire (I suppose "when a new email arrives in mailbox" will not fire in the same case).

The encoding of digitally signed emails is different (MIME, S/MIME) but that's for those who know it.

It is not well documented those emails won't work and it is a bit hard to explain to a user why.

It should be supported so please vote for that "feature" to be added.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

Update : I have opened a ticket for that and now it has been reported as a bug.

No more feedback for now. 

Level: Power Up

Any more updates on this topic?

Do you know if there is an option of tracking bug status?


Thanks a lot in advance Smiley Happy

Level: Power Up

The case is still ongoing at Microsoft...

I had several exchange with them about this.

Sorry, there is no public statement about it.