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Excel - New action - Run a macro



As now you can connect Microsoft Flow to physical buttons, it would be a great thing to run macro using physical button, not to open excel, enable macros, clicking something etc. So please add a new kind of action for Excel - "Run a macro!"

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This is a great idea. I hope this functionality is added soon!

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Was looking for the same ...

When receiving specific e-mail, using 'FLOW' to copy attachments in One Drive but after need to open Excel, to launch macro ...

Should be better to have an action with 'launch macro' once files are in One Drive (or for any other trigger of course)

In case we get this new action, how will we be informed?

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Agree - need this for cell formatting of Excel files in a flow.

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Would love this ability....
It would allow users to use Excel's user friendly formulas in a web-published data page. The alterrnative at the moment is to recreate all excel formulas in a developed data-driven web application. Thi sis fine - more money for programmers... but in some locations, people develop their own tools using excel, and these tools can become extrememly extensive in the hands of an advanced excel user. Recreating all of the rules, formulas, lookups, etc... in a developed app becomes laborious.
If we could simply "execute" an excel file with formulas in it, it would allow ordinary excel users to develop the calculations that drive a data driven site.
The "execution" could be either
- the ability to trigger excel to calculate the workbook, and then allow flow to read those calculated results, or
- the ability to trigger macros (or other VBA actions) that include the poopluation of data in a table (sans formulas) that flow is set to read from.



Peter Anton

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Agreed.  This funcationality is necessary