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Excel retry options should work with 'file locked' error 423 condition

We have a simple flow that is inserting data into an Excel spreadsheet in OneDrive.. it works great until I'm looking at the file & then Flows error with, 423 - File locked, e.g.




If you look in the Settings for the 'Insert Row' step, they look like they should handle this nicely, by retrying over a specified period of time, e.g.




But unfortunately they don't have any effect.. the operation isn't retried at all & the Flow fails.


This really needs fixing.



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This simple retry solution would significantly improve interactions with Flow + Excel.  Obviously the better solution would be to fix the underlying lock stick that is going on here, or alternately provide Admin access to kill locks for a specific file, but I'll take what I can get.

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Being able to specify which errors trigger the retry, instead of working with a predetermined list, would be a major improvement.

File locks, when updating metadata for open documents is a significant source of problems for us.  

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I'm experiencing siimilar issue with "Update file properties" Flow action. The Retry Policy seems not doing anything and fails without a retry. My issue is with the file being locked "is locked for shared use by" error. I'm simply trying to tell Flow action to retry on a failure xx times with PT15M