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Flow - Forms answer via mail for user

In forms I would like a flow that if a person enters a "no" answer to a specific question, within the form. An email is  generated. 

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You can create this flow very easily yourself. The steps are described below and further down are screenshots.

  1. Create your form in Microsoft Forms. In my example I have a question "Are you a farmer?" with a Yes/No answer.
  2. In Flow add a Forms "When a new response is submitted" trigger. Select your form from the dropdown.
  3. Add a "Get response details" action. That will wrap it in an Apply to each.
    1. In the apply to each box select List of response notifications from the dynamic content on the right.
    2. In the Get response details box add select your form again and in the Respnse Id box select "List of response notifications response Id" from the dynamic content box on the right.
  4. Still inside the Apply to each add a Condition control. In the left hand box select the form question which in my example is "Are you a farmer?". Make sure the middle box is set to "is equal to" and in the right hand box type No
  5. In the If Yes green channel add your Send an Email (v2). Leave the If No red channel blank. So if the response to "Are you a farmer?" is No then an email will be sent, otherwise nothing will happen.

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1-Form.png1-Form2-FLowA.png2-First part of the flow3-FlowB.png3-Second part of the flow


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This is great! Thanks Rob, I'm a newbie. However this is powerful.