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Flow for Planner - Change Buckets

I'd like to suggest that you be able to trigger an action in a flow when a task is moved between buckets in Planner.  


For example, If Task moved from Bucket A (To Do) to Bucket B (In Progress), then via flow you could automatically change task status to 'In Progress' - but there are many other productive flows that could come from this trigger being available.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

 This would be extremely valuable to reduce the amount of manual work and triggering workflows to make Planner more useable.

Level: Powered On

From my point of view this is a "Must Have". 
That would extremely increase the usability and productivity of those Canban boards.

Level: Power Up

How does this not exist yet??

Level: Powered On

This came up today and I was surprised it was not an available action.

Level: Power Up

Exactly the same request here- this would be an invaluable feature