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Formatting Create HTML Table Action with HTML

It would be great if we could customize the format of the resulting output from Create HTML table using HTML.


  • Ability to add hyperlinks
  • Ability to include totals per column.


Currently the output table has no formatting available which makes the result look cluttered and inconsistent with the rest of the email:






Status: Under Review

Thank you for this idea.

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I've just figured out hot to add lines to table.


Just use after creating HTML table a Compose action with replace(body('Create_HTML_table'),'<table>','<table border="1">'). 


I think the same way by using replace expression you can add anything you need. 

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Thanks @Kamil!!!! Just what I was looking for!

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@Kamil May I have an example, please?

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Thanks this has helped but do you happen to know if there is a possibility to change the font of the table as well right now its defaulted to times new roman

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I have tried to use this and it does not appear to work for me.  I also but the <style> tags in body of email and set to html however the desktop version of outlooks appears to strip the style.  Can someone please help. I need to be able to give the html table some kind of style