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Get the text from an email instead of the HTML content

We use Yammer groups which are embeded into SharePoint sites.

This provides a nice central point for all Announcements/Discussions which we then embed across a multitude of sites.


I'd love to be able to use Email as a way to give priviledge contributors an easier way to contribute to the respective Yammer Groups.  At this point, while the Flow does it's job and inserts the Body of the email into the Yammer post, it does so as HTML tags, rather than HTML Content.


Please let us choose how to format the body of the email when passing on the email action to another action.

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i have a similar problem

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I need this as well, thanks!
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Hi Dario, have you tried using the IsHTML attribute in the Send Email step? If you set IsHTML to true, the output of the email step will be in HTML content. 


For example, I have a flow that send me an email whenever there's a tweet about #MicrosoftFlow. The email uses HTML tags like <b>, <br>, <a href>. etc.



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I am using EMAIL with HTML5 format (inside a collection, with HTML Text). It works on 24/Jul but then failed again since 26/Jul. I was awaiting reply from PG on what went wrong.


BTW, you can refer to my post in the forum under: PowerApps Forum:

Useful PowerApps Features (12).



Hope it helps as it is much simpler than writing inside Microsoft Flow and simpler, combined with Concat function.






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My goal was to filter text from incoming HTML formatted e-mails and post the result into excel as plain text. When I setup a flow to do so, the cells include HTML tags. I suggest creating an option to select "Body" as plain text. 


I originally checked with your Flow Forum, this functionality is currently not supported: